Children’s CICA claims

Children who are the victims of violent crime are entitled to apply for compensation under the Government’s CICA criminal injuries scheme.

The child will need an adult to make the CICA application on their behalf.  That adult will be expected to provide their details together with proof of their relationship to the child.

If the incident causing injury to the child was reported to the police before they reached 18 then the claim must be made before their 20th birthday.

If the incident was not reported until after they were 18, then the CICA claim must be made within two years of it being reported.

The CICA recommends that applications for criminal injury compensation on behalf of children should be made promptly.  This is because the longer it is left, the more difficult it becomes to obtain evidence of the injury.

We specialise in children’s CICA claims.We also deal with child abuse compensation and are members of ACAL, the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.

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Children’s CICA claims