Fatal Criminal Injury Claims

Dependents and close relatives of someone who dies as a result of a violent crime may be entitled to claim criminal injuries compensation from the CICA.

People who are entitled to claim compensation include the victim’s spouse or partner, their natural or adoptive parents and any children they leave behind.

As with all CICA compensation claims, if the victim’s behaviour led to or contributed to the incident then payment may be withheld, so the facts of the incident can be of crucial importance.

Successful CICA fatal injury cases can involve the following categories of payment being made:

  • Bereavement payments
  • Payments to dependent children to compensate for things they have lost out on such as care and supervision, treats and love and affection
  • Dependency payments financial and/or physical dependency
  • Funeral payments

CICA fatal injury claims can still be made if the victim dies of their injuries sometime after the incident and has already been compensated for the injury under the scheme.

Where a victim dies of an unrelated cause before compensation is awarded their relatives may still be eligible for payment under the scheme.

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Fatal Criminal Injury Claims