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Criminal injuries compensation

If you are the victim of a violent crime you may be entitled to compensation from the Government's Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, better known as the CICA.

CICA no win - no fee

We deal with CICA claims on a No Win - No Fee basis, so if you do not receive compensation you won't owe us a penny.  If you win your CICA  claim then our fees will be deducted from your award at the rate of 20%, plus VAT.

Claim up to £500,000

The CICA can pay up to £500,000 to victims of violent crime who have suffered physical or mental injury.

Maximum criminal injuries compensation

With our experience of dealing with CICA claims we are well placed to improve your prospects of receiving an award and maximise the amount of compensation payable to you. we have an enviable track record of success and have achieved a number of notable successes where our client's compensation has been dramatically increased as a direct result of our efforts. In one recent case we appealed a CICA award of £22,000 and the compensation was increased to over £180,000.

CICA solicitors

We are specialist CICA solicitors. We deal with a range of CICA claims for criminal injury, including sexual assault and sexual abuse. We also deal with CICA appeals.

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