Pub, Club or Bar Assault: CICA Compensation Claims

Crimes of violence in and around pubs, nightclubs and bars are regrettably common in Great Britain.  All too frequently people enjoying a quiet night out get caught up in trouble, with some suffering serious injury as a result.  Many such incidents are alcohol related with a large proportion of the perpetrators of these crimes being drunk when the incident took place.

If you suffer injury from an attack or assault while out socialising then you may be entitled to claim compensation under the Government’s criminal injuries CICA scheme. The CICA scheme covers innocent victims of a pub, club or bar assault.

It is worth remembering that you can claim compensation even if your attacker wasn’t convicted or apprehended.  However, it is important that it is reported to the police and you make sure the claim is made promptly so as to avoid difficulties with the CICA’s strict time limits.

For an example of how we can help you recover CICA compensation for a pub club or bar assault, read this case study of a man who was injured by bouncers in a nightclub.

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Pub, Club or Bar Assault: CICA Compensation Claims