Psychological and Mental Injury CICA Claims

The CICA criminal injuries compensation scheme awards compensation to victims of violent crime in Great Britain.

Under the CICA scheme a “crime of violence” includes a threat that would cause a fear of violence. So a victim does not need to suffer a physical attack with physical injuries arising as a consequence in order to qualify for compensation under the CICA scheme.

Psychological and mental injuries can arise from both physical and non-physical incidents.  Compensation for mental injury is available where the injury is ‘disabling’, thouigh mental injury does not include temporary mental anxiety.

A medical report from a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist is usually required to support the claim for mental and psychological injury.

For an idea of how much CICA compensation you can claim for a mental or psychological injury click here.

In addition to receiving compensation for the psychological or mental injury itself, victims of violent crime are also entitled to claim other expenses, such as loss of earnings.

We deal with CICA psychological and mental injury claims on a no win, no fee basis and are always happy to have a preliminary chat with anyone interested in bringing a claim.

It often pays to use a specialist solicitor in higher value cases. We are proud of our track record of success, which includes recovery of £181,000 for a client who had been offered just £16,500 when they were dealing with the claim themselves, and £210,000 for a client who had originally been due to receive £22,000. 

To find out how we can help you claim for psychological and mental injury call our CICA helpline on 0333 888 0446 or e-mail us.

Psychological and Mental Injury CICA Claims