Free criminal injuries helpline

Call our free criminal injuries helpline

We operate a popular free criminal injuries helpline which you can call on freephone 0808 139 1597. Our specialist lawyers will provide you with a free assessment of your case and details of no win, no fee funding. If yiou would prefer to make contact with us by email then that will be fine. Simply send details of yiour case to us at [email protected]

The level of calls to our free criminal injuries helpline has been steadily rising. Callers have been particularly interested in our no win, no fee funding scheme for CICA compensation claims. The scheme is attractive to claimants as it means that if their compensation claim is not successful then they do not have to pay anything for the legal work carried out on their behalf.

Our CICA solicitors will be happy to explain how the funding scheme works and answer any questions you may have. By calling our free criminal injuries helpline you will also receive an assessment of the legal merits of your case from an experienced CICA lawyer. We will tell you whether yiour CICA claim is likely to be successful and give you an indication of the level of compensation you can expect to receive.

Our lawyers deal with a full range of CICA cases, including physical assaults and abuse claims. We can also recover compensation for psychological and mental injury, as well as lost earnings and other financial losses.

While you do not have to use a specialist solicitor to make a CICA claim it often pays to do so, especially if your injuries and losses are significant. We can use our experience to maximise the compensation and you can read about our successes on this website, including one case where we got our client’s compensation increased from £7,500 to over £180,000.

So, to find out where you stand on claiming CICA compensation call our free criminal injuries helpline on freephone 0808 139 1597. Alternatively, simply send details of your claim to us by email at [email protected]

Free criminal injuries helpline