CICA compensation for rape

We successfully recover compensation for the victim of rape after the CICA rejected her original claim

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Abuse lawyer, Carly Sylvester, has recently assisted a client in successfully recovering CICA compensation for rape after the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) initially rejected her claim.

When Ms R was just 14 years old, her friend took her to the home of some boys that she knew. Ms R had not met these boys before but trusted her friend’s judgment, and so assumed she would be safe.

Later that evening she went upstairs to use the toilet with her friend when they noticed another boy in a nearby bedroom playing on a laptop. He asked Ms R to come in and chat with him. Ms R agreed, and it was only after the boy shut the bedroom door and grabbed her, that she realised she was in danger. The boy then proceeded to rape her.

Ms R reported the crime to the police but the investigation was dropped by the police as they did not believe that they had enough evidence to secure a conviction.

The impact of that night had a detrimental effect on Ms R’s adolescent years, enduring years of depression and anxiety.

Ms R eventually found the courage to submit an application for CICA compensation for rape. However, the CICA sadly rejected her claim as Ms R was out of time to submit the application in accordance with the rules of the CICA scheme.

Ms R therefore got in touch with our team of CICA lawyers for a free case assessment. Carly felt that although the claim was technically out of time, there were extenuating circumstances given the highly traumatic nature of the crime. She therefore agreed to take on Ms R’s claim, working on a No Win – No Fee basis.

Carly submitted an application to the CICA outlining the reasons for Ms R’s delay in bringing the application and requesting a review of their decision.

The review was successful, resulting in the CICA making Ms R an offer of compensation.

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CICA compensation for rape